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Why Do I Need to Get a Trademark to Protect My Brand?

Trademark Lawyer in Brooklyn, NY – Leonid Mikityanskiy helps to build your business brand which is a difficult task for any entrepreneur. From finding something that you love to creating products and establishing a brand identity, the multiple facets of creating a business take time, thoughtful consideration, execution, and, most importantly, work. An easily recognizable brand not only benefits consumers who are looking for a specialty product – anything from laundry detergent to a new and exciting clothing line – but it helps the brand by ensuring consumers and other businesses know the space your business and products operate in. Frequently, business owners are so busy running their business that they don’t pay attention to the various legal issues involved. This oversight, including a lack of a trademark, can prove to be incredibly costly. Scheduling a Trademark Consultation in Brooklyn Ny with Attorney Leo Mikityanskiy, can help your business get started on Registering a trademark.

What is a trademark?

A federal trademark registration is a legal registration of symbols, words, or anything that is potentially identifiable to and associated with your business. It identifies your brand, your corporate or business culture, and anything else that a consumer can identify with you or your business. A trademark should not only protect your business name but also bring to mind an association a consumer can and should have with your business.

Can I only trademark my business’s name?

While a name is a crucial part of your business’ trademark, it should not be the only element of the trademark. Specific font usages and logo styles are often included in trademarks and, the more distinctive they are, the better idea it is to trademark it. For example, Coca-Cola’s trademark logo is registered not just as a name but also in its “look and feel” to prevent imitators preying on consumers who might not read a brand’s name as they put a familiar looking and feeling product into a shopping cart stocked with many others.

What is the most immediate benefit of trademarking?

Trademark Attorney Near MeThe most immediate benefit is legal protection. A registered trademark confers credibility about the seriousness of your endeavor. Far from being a fly-by-night business, you are here to stay and establish a brand identity that consumers and other companies can rely on. The legal protections conferred put others on notice that you have already claimed a name and perhaps other associated stylistic elements such as a logo or particular arrangement of a name. This is crucial should you need to defend your trademark, business name, or other elements of your brand identity against a competitor’s actions.

What should I do if I feel my trademark is being infringed?

While some may consider contacting the trademark infringer directly, that may not have the desired effect as they may already have known of the trademark and decided to infringe regardless. The best course of action is to consult an experienced trademark attorney who can help ensure that you receive the most accurate legal advice in addition to zealous representation. Contact our office in Bucks County Trademark Lawyer Bucks County, PA or Brooklyn, NY Trademark Lawyer Brooklyn, NY today to schedule a consultation on how to trademark and grow your brand.

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