Copyright Attorney Brooklyn NY 

Introduction: What is it?

Copyright actually refers to the right to intellectual property which is created by a person’s skill and effort. Copyright defines the creative works belonging to various niches like literature, music, drama, sculpture, software etc. In the same way, copyright protection offers you the special rights to produce, sell and be recognized as its creator. This significant legal right is enjoyed by the authors or creators to protect their original work from other individual’s imitation or adaptation. There is a similar possibility for other people to reproduce, translate or publicly perform your work without any permission from you. The copyright not just gives such protection to the originator of the work, but also encourages them to create more & more masterpieces.

Specific Work Category for Copyright Protection

Copyright protection is provided to some of the specific works, a list of which is here to extend your knowledge sphere.

1.     Literary creation
2.     Dramatic creation
3.     Architectural creation
4.     Musical creation
5.     Artistic works
6.     Computer Software/Application
7.     Sound recordings
8.     Cinematographic works


Copyright is there to protect the arrangement and selection of original expression only if they appear in tangible shape. What are the basic conditions under which you can claim copyright protection? Copyright Attorney Brooklyn NY has shared the same as follows.

1. Originality

Copyright protection is undoubtedly given to any specific expressions or ideas if they are found original. In this case, quality and individuality don’t matter at all. This exclusive protection can even be offered to low-quality but original work. If your work produced independently appears quite similar to another one from a different creator, still you can claim for copyright protection.

2. Being Fixed in Tangible Form

The ideas of work or creation should be fixed in tangible form of expression. If your work is in tangible medium, there will be no bar for you in claiming Copyright Protection. According to Copyright Protection Brooklyn NY, it can be applied to complete creation in drafts, irrespective of being published or unpublished.

3. Nominal Creativity

Any type of work or draft production will not fall in the category to claim Copyright Protection. Creativity at least to some extent must be there in your works to be protected legally. For instance, a list of machine accessories for a particular operation will not be subject to copyright protection. But a draft containing instructions on how to apply them may be claimed for copyright protection.

Why do you require Copyright Protection?

Copyright offers protection to the way an idea or expression is displayed, not the expression itself. Copyright protection is essential because it safeguards the author’s or the originator’s right over their individual works. In this way, it honours and recognizes their creative power and talent. If your works have their own copyright, there will be legal grounds for you to fight against any infringement happening to you. In order to claim this legal right and further registration process, you should seek assistance from Copyright Attorney Brooklyn NY. Copyright infringement has become very common nowadays, so beware of that and take legal steps without any hesitation.


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